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The new Defender Tubular winch bumper of ENGAGE4X4 – is coming soon. The Land Rover Defender winch-bumper of established brand ENGAGE4X4 of the company 4WARD4X4 with TUV certification.
With the new round tube Design – extremely robust, finished in a double powder coating with fine structure and TUV appoved.

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Safety Devices roll cage – Land Rover Defender roll cage and roll bar

The Land Rover Defender is one of the best series SUV in the world. “Never really intact, but never completely broken” – the operational areas of the Defender are just as versatile and exciting as strange. There are floating Land Rover Defender, Defender with chains, Defender in the military, Defender at various charities, in communities, police, Defender be used for expeditions, in films and in numerous other areas. In many cases, however, the applications are not harmless. In extreme terrain, in an inaccessible landscape or even on the normal road serious accidents can happen.
In a turn over, most accidents are deadly in a Land Rover Defender. In 2010, an accident in southern Germany gave us the occasion, with the blessing of the German TÜV, to offer all Land Rover Defender drivers a legal possibility to make their vehicles a bit more secure for themselves and for their families.
The Safety Devices roll cage has several advantages: firstly, the protection of occupants, on the other hand the protect of the body in the field and the theoretical possibility of a higher roof load.

The choice fell on the Safety Devices roll cage 

In collaboration with Safety Devices, we were able, with considerable amount of money, to provide all Safety Devices roll cages for all Land Rover Defender 90, 110 and 130 with a technical component report by the German TUV. These roll cages are available exclusively from 4WARD4X4 or from our partners.

Which Land Rover roll cage can I order with TUV parts certificate? 

Defender 90 all models
Defender 110 Station, double cab Pick Up and Defender 110 HT
Defender 130

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Defender Roof Racks – flexible and easy  

After a year of development, countless tests, hurdles and prototypes he has finally arrived: the new ENGAGE4X4 roof rack for all Land Rover models.
The aim was to develop a roof rack system that has no equal. The specifications of the roof rack was indeed manageable, but the technical challenges were very large.

The ENGAGE4X4 Defender roof racks should meet the following requirement

  • light in weight – in principle, extremely lightweight (design and development as well as the choice of material) 
  • extremely stable (design and development) 
  • visually appealing (design and coating) 
  • modular construction (construction) 
  • flexible (airline system) 
  • Made in Germany 
  • payable

This sounds at first not so difficult, but the implementation is a challenge. Numerous hurdles, such as development, access to vehicles, load tests, accessories and patent applications, covered the project out over a year.
The ENGAGE4X4 Defender roof rack has a weight at length x width x height of 280 cm x 147 cm x 50 mm and weighs 26.5 kg plus 6 feet with 3.6 kg. The aluminum roof rack is UV resistant anodized. By airline Systemfräsung stowage of cargo is a breeze. Fittings (lashing) can be set within seconds at more than 400 to over 1000 in anchors.
Now it’s finally happened: around one hundred roof rack are in stock and are sold through our faithful partner in Germany. Dealer inquiries (vehicle specific), also for other states are desired.


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Dachträgerfuss Land Rover Defender

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