PISTENKUH Defender for Sabine and Burkhard Koch

Who does they not know, the Pistenkuh, Burkhard and Sabine Koch – today’s offroad influencer. For many years, Sabine and Burkhard travel with SUVs and 4X4 trucks around the world. They share their experiences and explore the last 4X4 adventures on Earth for all of us. In countries like Africa, Australia, Spain, Italy, Romania (Transylvania) and many more. Now you can travel for a change with the snow groomer Defender from 4WARD4X4.

They produce off-road travel guides and adventure films and design merchandising articles.

At the beginning of March we received a call from Burkhard Koch, he wanted to have a Land Rover Defender rebuilt by us and of course technically optimized by us, so that the “Pistenhuh Defender” on the adventure travel of Sabine and Burkhard no defects succumbs. He also wanted to have some ENGAGE4X4 products installed to equip the car for tougher conditions.

The piste cow Defender and the typical technical problems
Burkhard bought the car unseen, a white Defender of the Spanish Telecommunications Company. The condition had come down accordingly.

  • Driver seat defective
  • Interior ailing
  • Underbody (frame, axle housing extremely corroded
  • The technical condition of the engine was not the best
  • Rear crossbar was sawn and corroded
  • Wheel bearings
  • Swivel bearing housing
  • wheel hub
  • stub axle
  • gear shaft
  • floating axles
  • Radmitnehmer
  • Complete brake system
  • Parts of the electrical system
  • lighting… and much more had to be renewed and repaired.

The Defender conversion of the Pistenkuh-Landy

We developed a concept or a small specification sheet for the requirements of the vehicle and began gradually to revamp the car technically. To this end, a few technical ENGAGE4X4 products should be installed to equip the Defender for the toughest terrain and off-road use. Sabine and Burkhard want to travel by car as lightly and spartanly as possible, to keep all simple as possible.

We have built the Pistenkuh Defender in different packages, the chassis package contains the ENGAGE4X4 track chassis with heavy-duty suspension bushings and the handlebar kit. This means +25 mm lift + 30 mm more axle articulation off-road.

The Landy was also equipped with a vehicle protection package. Especially on tough off-road tours in the forests and mountains of the cape areas and / or the Pyrenees, the protection of the sensitive parts on the vehicle is absolutely one of the most important conversion measures of an expedition vehicle. We first mounted differential skid plates to get ahead on the rutted paths with deep ruts. The underrun protection reliably protects the steering linkage. Flank protection and fuel radiator protection were also an important feature for Burkhard.

The mountain package consists of the popular and TÜV-tested ENGAGE4X4 round tube bumper with rotating eyebolts, as well as the new NOVAWINCH Pro 12.5 with runb 5300 kg traction and a transmission brake. At the rear of a rotatable hill eye was mounted.

Next is the expedition package, which consists of an ENGAGE4X4 roof rack, Mantec snorkel and the ENGAGE4X4 filter kit.

The Pistenkuh-Landy Design by Denis Oswald and Burkhard

The car was designed by Burkhard and Denis Oswald (owner of film workshop Denis Oswald). Denis specializes in the foiling of vehicles. He is particularly fond of SUVs. For the Pistenkuh-Landy, Denis has had a special foil (Lila matt) specially printed for the foiling of the car.

Defender für Offroad Reisen von der Pistenkuh

Defender Pistenkuh

ENGAGE4X4 winch bumper with Nova Winch Pro

ENGAGE winch bumper

ENGAGE4X4 skid plate with tubular winch bumper

ENGAGE4X4 skid plate

ENGAGE4X4 differential skid plate guard

Diff guard front

Land Rover Defender ENGAGE4X4 Track suspension

ENGAGE4X4 suspension

ENGAGE4X4 Pistenkuh Defender

Defender conversion