Land Rover conversions for off road, expedition Land Rover Defenders

Conversion Defender 130 Land Rover Defender with ENGAGE4X4 accessories made in Germany

The Land Rover specialist 4WARD4X4 realized for the German ski company Black Forest Ski a high quality conversion of a Land Rover Defender 130 2.2 TD4. For this project, vehicle components and accessories of the reputed companies brand ENGAGE4X4 were used. The parts are manufactured in Germany, with a TUV certificate.

Umbau Defender 130

The following components were used for the project conversion Defender 130:

  • ENGAGE4X4 Defender winch bumper with TUV parts certificate 
  • Defender skid plate by ENGAGE4X4 
  • Land Rover Defender 130 anodized tank protection plate 
  • ENGAGE4X4 expeditions suspension STEP 3 TUNERSHOP 
  • ENGAGE4X4 Dual Battery Management System

ENGAGE4X4 suspension were properly tested!

ENGAGE4X4 suspension were properly tested. The Defender ENGAGE4X4 duo X LANDY Olaf Seip (V8 250 PS) and Alex Oberberger (TD5 195 PS) driving for four years with ENGAGE4X4 suspension at the Grand Erg rally. Alex Oberberger drives with ENGAGE4X4 progressive springs, trailing arms front and rear, panhard rod, heavy duty probshaft and STEP 2 shockabsorber – in four years only 1 revision necessary!

The ENGAGE4X4 rallye suspension, which Olaf Seip is driving with, was developed in 2010 from ENGAGE4X4 and ORAM.  It based on a modified ENGAGE4X4 STEP 3 high perforamance shock absorber, which were originally developed for expedition vehicles. The base suspension is the Defender 90 Expedition Kit. For this purpose hydraulic axle stops at the front and rear axles, a dome strut kit with specially recorded Piggyback high performance dampers STEP 4 (adjustable in compression and rebound) were developed.


Both vehicles are taking part in the Grand Erg marathon rally in four years. Team Seip had to revision the first service of the damper until after the fourth rally and the Baja Saxionia .




High-grade Land Rover Defender conversions from the Specialist – 4WARD4X4


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