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Land Rover spare parts – all information

Spare and wear parts are an important factor for the mobility and reliability of your Land Rover. The market is full of cheap Land Rover parts, the so-called “replacement parts”. Not all of these imitation parts are necessarily of poor quality. The probability, however, that these parts are much inferior to the original parts is high. As they arise differences in quality of spare parts, which can not be distinguished visually? This can be explained simply, as I could gather by a part-time job in my youth, at one of the largest automobile manufacturers in Germany, a lot of know-how on the production and quality assurance.

First, we distinguish three types or three qualities of spare parts:

Land Rover Genuine Parts (Original Parts)

These parts are certified Land Rover spare parts and they are recognized only to the packaging or on a Land Rover label with the part number and the Land Rover company logo. Original spare parts can be up to 50 % more expensive than so-called OEM parts and about 100 % more expensive than imitation parts (replacement parts).

OEM Spare Parts

These parts are manufactured by leading original equipment manufacturers and are generally subject to a very strict quality assurance according to DIN ISO: 9001 and TS : 16949 certification. OEM parts can be seen in the rule also to the packaging of renowned manufacturers such as Mahle, Sachs, AP, LuK, Valeo and more. Such quality fuses are designed for constant flow in production and consistent quality. These spare parts are not in principle be compared with the original Land Rover quality because these so-called “aftermarket” parts were no longer considered as standards of Land Rover. Often these parts are still safer in terms of quality (materials and workmanship) as so-called imitation parts or counterfeit parts.

Imitation parts

The imitation parts, so-called “replacement parts” are usually manufactured in low-wage countries such as India, China or Turkey. What counts here is only the price as well as the mass and only the cheapest product is the “best” product. Quality, durability and testing of the parts play a subordinate role. Imitation parts are usually recognized by plain packaging and the label with the part number of different wholesalers.
We recommend, for safety-related components such as brakes, steering, drive and engine not to use imitation parts. Especially with brake parts may void the approval in case of emergency, as for example Replica calipers, brake pads, brake discs or any e1 testing have undergone .

Quality and price differences for Land Rover spare parts

The quality can vary greatly between the so-called “Land Rover Genuine Parts”, Land Rover OEM and replacement spare parts and thus the mobility of your Land Rover and also the cost of failures and re-purchase or repair.
To compare the quality of the three part variants, one can proceed as follows: The so-called OEM replacement parts (aftermarket parts from renowned manufacturers) do not fully meet strict quality standards, which are reviewed by Land Rover. Land Rover OEM Parts (aftermarket parts) are still safer in terms of quality (materials, processing, testing) as so-called imitation parts or even fake Land Rover spare parts. At the same time but need not be parts of inferior quality all replica. The logic states, however, that the often serious price differences can not solely caused by low labor costs and a lack of quality management. Often, lack of tools, materials and components are used in order to keep the low price can.