ENGAGE4X4 roof rack with Airline sytsem – Installation instructions

Bill of material fittings (may vary according to roof rack length)

ENGAGE4X4 roof rack parts

  • 2 side sections with 120 mm radius
  • 2 side profiles
  • 5 to 13 cross braces (depending on roof rack length)
  • 4 countersunk screws M6X20 per cross brace
  • 4 hoods – V4A
  • 8 screws M6X25 pan head (for reinforcing sheet)
  • 4 sleeve nuts per cross braces

ENGAGE4X4 roof rack feet (vehicle access)

Foot Type : 5V1 to 3 series (height variable)

  • 1 roof carrier support sheet
  • 1 roof rack access channel
  • 1 clamping plate roof rack
  • 2 screws M8X20 hex with locking teeth (height adjustable connection)
  • 2 screws M8X15 hex (leading foot to carrier)
  • 2 nuts M8
  • 1 screw M8X20 Hexagon socket button head (clamping plate gutter)


  • Allen key 4, 5 and 6 mm
  • Plastic hammer
  • Wrench 13 mm

Installation instructions for ENGAGE4X4 roof rack

  1. Insert the front part and the side parts in the form of the support on a suitable work surface (with a pad to protect from scratches).
  2. Connect two cross braces to the reinforcement as well as the front and side parts of the roof rack with each other (here the M6X25 pan-head screws are used).
  3. Now run cross brace for cross brace in the side profiles and position the cross braces with the matching holes in the side profiles.
  4. Now put the sleeve nuts from the bottom and make sure that the side with the reduction is up.
  5. Then replace gradually all countersunk screws (M6X20) to loose.
  6. At the reinforcing plates using the eight supplied pan-head screws (M6X25).
    The tolerances of the roof rack are very low in order to ensure that the highest stability can.

Tip: To prepare the sleeve nut , you can use a Phillips screwdriver to bring the connecting parts in the correct position.

A montage video of the roof rack can be found here here.