Deletion Terrafirma TUV certificate from TUV AUSTRIA

4WARD4X4 Defender certification

The Manufacturer Contract

In 2011, to make a so-called  manufacturers contract with Allmakes4x4 (TERRAFIRMA) to make the those Terrafirma accessories legal for various Land Rover Discovery´s and Defender for example Winch bumpers, suspension kits and other parts . 4WARD4X4 started the TUV approval test with the TUV Austria for the company Allmakes4x4 (owner of the brand Terrafirma). After an employee left the company Allmakes4x4, from this point the commercial agreements were no longer respected by Allmakes4x4. Because of this breach, we have stopped with expiration of contract manufacturers cooperation.

Parts Certificate Misuse

Some traders were unwilling to pay for the more expensive permanently audited TUV Terrafirma parts. So it happened that some traders the Terrafirma bought parts of your company without Allmakes4x4 opinion papers and sold to unsuspecting customers with copied TERRAFIRMA parts certificate of 4Ward4x4. Even third-party products were, registered despite Photo Leaf with our parts certificate from a dealer. Multiple calls per week from customers in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Luxembourg and Sweden were even, sometimes not uncommon. In forums was discussed, where you can best enter the parts and the copies of the reports were sent back and forth via PN.

The Responsibility

We almost were now the responsibility of a number of security-related products, which we no longer marketed. That means in plain text – the manufacturer would change for reasons of cost and suffer a little quality, it could easily happen that it comes to an accident involving personal injury. We would be fully in the liability, whether we wanted it or not.


The parts certificate were withdrawn at the express request of the company 4Ward4x4 from TUV AUSTRIA. The financial loss for the company 4Ward4x4 and responsibility of abuse of parts certificate by unauthorized third parties was simply no longer predictable, why 4Ward4x4 and TUV AUSTRIA have decided to withdraw these parts certificate.