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Der Land Rover Defender
Der Defender wurde nahezu unverändert 35 Jahre gebaut und wir warten alle gespannt auf das Modell 2018.
Land Rover Discovery
Im Jahr 2015 wurde der Land Rover Freelander durch den Discovery Sport abgelöst. Die Formen und das Design der Marke ändert sich ständig
Der Indische Automobil Hersteller TATA hat das Unternehmen fest im Griff und Land Rover ist so Erfolgreich wie nie.
Range Rover Modelle
Bei der Upperclass von Land Rover gibt es auch ständig neues zu Berichten – Einzug des Range Rover Evoque, Range Rover Sport und vieles mehr.
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Defender Corrosion Protection Cavity preservation Defender

Corrosion protection or cavity preservation is the best way to prevent damage caused by corrosion on metall components for Land Rover Defender Corrosion Protection. Such as vehicle frames, doors, trusses and other components. At the Land Rover Defender the corrosion attack can lead to an impairment of the stability on the body or the ladder frame and thus to the safety of the vehicle.

Your Land Rover Defender will rust more quickly, lose its value, and over time the damage to the load bearing parts of the vehicle will accumulate. To avoid this, you can protect your vehicle: Cavity Conservation Land Rover – Mike Sanders and Underbody Seal with Perma & Fluid Film! The Defender Corrosion Protection is neccessary to control it every 2 years.

Why cavity preservation?

Subsequent cavity sealing and underfloor protection are essential for a long Land Rover Defender life. Vehicles usually rust from the inside out. As a result, the grate is often noticed only when it is too late.

Consequences are then:

  • loss of value
  • Impairment of the stability of structural members
  • Impairment of the safety of your Land Rover

Which Cavity Protection?

There are several ways to protect your vehicle from corrosion. But the experience has taught, and the skilled workers agree that only the Mike Sanders cavity preservation and are the Permafilm underbody protection have proven.

Particularly in the case of under-floor protection, it is important that it can be seen whether the vehicle starts to rust. The classic tar-based floor protection is overhauled. The rust, which is under the protection of the tar, is not visible and spreads further.

A second alternative is wax. This alternative is, however, not recommended, as wax, in contrast to grease, has the property of being more poorly adherent in angered areas. In addition, grease sucks in the rusted surfaces and keeps oxygen and moisture away from the body. If rusty sheet metal is only coated with wax, it would rust under the wax.

Wir empfehlen daher Mike Sanders Corrosion protection grease .

Mike Sanders corrosion protection grease without plasticizer is the unbeatable long-term cavity protection on the market. Due to the permanent creep effect of the fat, it is able to penetrate and protect in cracks and crevices. The fat is heated for a long time to 120 ° C, sprayed with compressed air through a long cavity nozzle and then immediately cools on the metal. We offer the highest standard of cavity preservation through the exact adherence and the correct procedure. A good cavity seal is set right there. It seals the cavities in such a way that neither rinsed water nor salt can reach the metal and can cause its disaster in combination with oxygen. Contaminated cavities and daily temperature fluctuations in our latitudes usually cause condensation on the Land Rover Defender, which leads to a humid permanent climate and causes

Warum Mike Sanders Korrosionsschutz?

The quality of cavity preservation plays an important role. If you have decided to preserve your Land Rover off-road vehicle, this should be done under certain conditions. It is important not only to use the correct and high-quality anti-corrosive grease, but also to make the application conscientious and thorough. With a professionally performed Mike Sanders corrosion protection and perma film Underbody protection The rust can no longer affect your Land Rover.

Especially with the Defender, which is no longer manufactured in the near future, one must attach importance that the body is maintained and protected. The Land Rover Defender will not regret you!

Why a cavity preservation can be carried out in the workshop?

Prior to the cavity preservation, we first determine the condition of your Land Rover vehicle and especially the cavities and the underbody protection. Thanks to our many years of experience and our conscientious execution of cavity preservation, your Land Rover Defender is permanently protected against corrosion.

The Manufacturer Contract

In 2011, to make a so-called  manufacturers contract with Allmakes4x4 (TERRAFIRMA) to make the those Terrafirma accessories legal for various Land Rover Discovery´s and Defender for example Winch bumpers, suspension kits and other parts . 4WARD4X4 started the TUV approval test with the TUV Austria for the company Allmakes4x4 (owner of the brand Terrafirma). After an employee left the company Allmakes4x4, from this point the commercial agreements were no longer respected by Allmakes4x4. Because of this breach, we have stopped with expiration of contract manufacturers cooperation.

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The real Defender are not build anymore

A legend says goodbye – the Defender of the automobil manufacturer Land Rover. The production end after 68 years breaks many Land Rover enthusiast ‘s heart. More than 2 million Defender
have rolled off the assembly line since 1948 in Solihull/UK.

The production method of the Land Rover Defender was almost unchanged until the last vehicle. Most of the 4190 assembly steps in Solihull have been made mainly by hand. A Defender consists of 8953 parts, which are joined together.

No technical details without dozens of knobs in the Defender – superfluous useless rubbish. An 4X4 Offroad vehicle with visible welds, screws and rivets. Simple and original. He is loved and is still an original.  No offroader is as multifaceted as the Land Rover Defender still an original.

Used around the world for expeditions, Off Road competitions, rallies and hard work in the forestry and inserts in the military. A Worker – like the beginning of his story. The father of the Defenders (Series I) was Maurice Walks. Inspired by the Willys Jeep, Maurice Walks wanted produced a utility vehicle for farmers in Great Britain. A Land Rover Defender “can reach almost any destination” – and every Defender Driver can confirm this. After the post-war years the Defender, used only as a utility vehicle, became famous as the offroad icon in the whole world. Maurice Walks concept worked out and the Defender became a huge export hit. After only two years the Defender has been sold in 70 countries – at the present time there are 160 countries.

His driver are as different as it can only be. Eequally driven and appreciated by the expedition travelers, foresters, Offroader, lawyers and families. Defender drivers greet one another, for example, because they communicate a certain attitude via the offroad vehicle Land Rover Defender.

One of the most famous 4×4 off road cars are gone

We will miss him! Fortunately, he is still very present on the roads all over the world – so fast a Defender can not be beaten up.

My Compliments Defender!

The Fascination of the Land Rover Discovery 1 and its Customization Possibilities

The birth of the Discovery 1, under the code name ‘Project Jay,’ occurred when Land Rover aimed to bridge the gap between the classic Range Rover and the Ninety/One Ten. This gave rise to the Discovery family, combining the rugged capabilities of a Defender with the comfort of a Range Rover. Over 30 years ago, the Discovery 1 made its debut at the Frankfurt Motor Show in September 1989, and to this day, the Discovery family continues to evolve.

Distinctive Features of the Discovery 1

The steep roofline, reverse C-pillars, and clamshell bonnet make the Discovery instantly recognizable. The interior was designed with everyday life in mind, ensuring a pleasant driving experience.

Did You Know?

Initially launched as a 3-door vehicle to avoid competing with the 5-door Range Rover models, the 5-door model was introduced in 1990.

The vehicle’s transmission featured a dual-ratio five-speed manual with drive via a transfer case with a lockable center differential. This crucial design feature enhanced the off-road capabilities, giving the driver control over traction and stability.

The Love for Discovery 1 Persists

Even today, the Discovery 1 is cherished by many enthusiasts. Together with Land Rover Owner, we’ve compiled a helpful Discovery 1 Buyer’s Guide.

Customization Options and Individualization of the Land Rover Discovery 1

Discover the myriad ways to personalize and optimize your Discovery 1. From rugged off-road modifications to luxurious interiors, here are some inspirations for tailoring your Discovery 1 to your preferences:

1. Off-Road Adventures: Upgrade your Discovery 1 with off-road tires, a lift kit, and skid plates for ultimate off-road experiences.

2. Exclusive Interior: Add a touch of luxury to your Discovery 1 with high-quality leather seats, modern infotainment systems, and personalized interior details.

3. Roof Tent Options: Expand your adventure possibilities by adding a roof tent. The Discovery 1 provides an ideal platform for camping and outdoor overnight stays.

4. Technological Upgrades: Integrate modern technologies such as rearview cameras, navigation systems, and smart home connectivity to bring your Discovery 1 up to date.

Diverse Engine Options for Every Challenge

The Discovery 1 was offered with an impressive array of engines to meet various demands. From powerful gasoline engines to reliable diesel like the TDI 200 or 300 options, the Discovery 1 provided a wide range of powertrains. Enthusiasts could choose from potent V8 gasoline engines, efficient turbodiesels, or robust inline-four cylinder.

Explore the endless possibilities of customization and tailor your Discovery 1 to your personal preferences and needs. The love for the Discovery 1 is kept alive through numerous customization projects, inviting you to immerse yourself in the world of the Land Rover Discovery 1 and experience adventures in a vehicle that continues to captivate even after over 30 years.

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