Land Rover traveling and Expeditions in critical Terrain and conditions.

First Aid Offroad traveling

During an expediton is a doctor or the next hospital normally far away. Aside of civilisation a moderate injury increasingly becomes a major problem. Therefore you should be up-to-date with your first-aid knowledge and prepared to help yourself or others in remote areas.
It is is especially sceptical  out of the way like in the Tundra, in deserts and higher mountain areas.
Plan your trip well and pay more attention to the subject First Aid Offroad traveling.

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Land Rover Defende traveling with ENGAGE4X4 – suspension overcomes 1 years Africa – 48,000 km without any defect

In June 2012, we were visited by Loyal MacMillian. He told us that he wants to go with his wife Astrid in his Land Rover Defender 110 for one year to the entire African continent. Such an expedition, we would love to have themselves undertaken, as this is one of the most beautiful and adventurous Land Rover Defender traveling is certainly that you can do at all. Of course, we were delighted to rebuild the MacMillan’s Defender. According to the guidelines of our customers, we should keep the Defender as spartan as possible.

So we agreed with Loyal to the following vehicle conversions and led them through:

  • ENGAGE4X4 Kit Base Step 1
  • 40 liter fuel tank run
  • Two basic roof carrier with roof basket
  • a skylight
  • a wind bumper with a Superwinch LP 1000 winch

Our ENGAGE4X4 suspension kit Base Step 1 has survived the entire journey – 48,000 km Africa – without damage!

Fahrwerk Defender mit TÜV

Long-term test / durability test Africa 48,000 km

About 14 months we followed the blog of Loyal and Astrid, they wrote during their expedition through Africa and were allowed to participate in all their exciting adventures they experienced on their year long journey through this wonderful country.

We thank you sincerely for allowing us to support this great adventure.