Defender Spare Parts for Overlanding Trips

Having the right Defender spare parts kit for your off-road trips is important than you think. You have to wait so much, but the thought of a broken vehicle is often forgotten. Depending on the destination, a defect can become a defender of the massive problems.

If you stand in the desert or wilderness, far from a road, defender spare parts are extremely important. This includes taking care of knowing how and how the tool properly belongs to the defect.

Choose The right Parts for your Land Rover

If people in the mountains or a desert z. B. stop in Africa, or even get vehicle problems in the snow in the Carpathians, can have very obsessive consequences. This has been done often enough and can be very good with a little precaution and advice. Anyone with their defender on an off-road trip or expedition among themselves, with precise knowledge of how the vehicle can get back safely and in good and therefore in perfect condition.

Land Rover Defender’s under extrem Conditions on Off Road Traveling

Depending on the part of the route from the site to road operation, the wear of the spare parts according to vehicle parts. Of course, the driving surface, i.e. mud, sand, rubble, water passages and mud, also plays an important role. Another important factor is the driver’s driving characteristics, the experience in the field and the feeling of the vehicle. Experience-related properties of the wearers Absence of the streets seven times in the street. This should be considered by every expedition, long-distance traveler or off-road driver. The defender’s health must be in control. Especially if you are far from civilization and from workshops, a certain situation can be determined very quickly.

Defender Spare Parts and Tools and Auxiliary Material

Required tools, Land Rover spare parts and improvisation materials are required. Those responsible must bear in mind that it is important to save weight on long-distance trips and expeditions. The choice of spare parts for off-road travel will depend greatly on the age and condition of the off-road vehicle. It is important to have a new one at all maintenance intervals and to have the off-road vehicle heard by a specialist for each trip. When this has happened, you have been well informed about which spare parts and materials really are and what are not.

The spare parts and tools for the travel defender vary on the model, TDI, TD5 or TD4 as well as the long-distance trip – In Africa more spare parts are used than on a trip to Sweden or Romania.

Here is a brief overview of the most important parts

Generally in the rule travel all models
Example of long-distance travel in the regulatory areas

V-belt / grooved belt
Air filter
Diesel filter / pre-filter
Power cable universal
Brake pads VA & HA
Tire repair material
Tie rod ends left & right hand thread
Steering column lever repair kit
Steering gear seal set
Wheel bolts
Wheel bearing / hub nut
water pump
Radiator hoses
Cardan joints VA & HA
Magnetic switch starter
Clutch cylinder
Simmerring – differentials and transfer case
Electrical material – cables, plugs, solder connectors, switches, cable protection, electrical adhesive tape, etc.
Consumables – cable ties, screw assortment, tape, self-adhesive tape, hose clamps, etc.
Maintenance material – grease gun, brake cleaner, motor oil, disc clear, water