ENGAGE4X4 suspension were properly tested!

ENGAGE4X4 suspension were properly tested. The Defender ENGAGE4X4 duo X LANDY Olaf Seip (V8 250 PS) and Alex Oberberger (TD5 195 PS) driving for four years with ENGAGE4X4 suspension at the Grand Erg rally. Alex Oberberger drives with ENGAGE4X4 progressive springs, trailing arms front and rear, panhard rod, heavy duty probshaft and STEP 2 shockabsorber – in four years only 1 revision necessary!

The ENGAGE4X4 rallye suspension, which Olaf Seip is driving with, was developed in 2010 from ENGAGE4X4 and ORAM.  It based on a modified ENGAGE4X4 STEP 3 high perforamance shock absorber, which were originally developed for expedition vehicles. The base suspension is the Defender 90 Expedition Kit. For this purpose hydraulic axle stops at the front and rear axles, a dome strut kit with specially recorded Piggyback high performance dampers STEP 4 (adjustable in compression and rebound) were developed.


Both vehicles are taking part in the Grand Erg marathon rally in four years. Team Seip had to revision the first service of the damper until after the fourth rally and the Baja Saxionia .




Defender SOFT TOP – special edition for the exhibition Adventure wheel

4Ward4x4 has been  convert a Land Rover Defender soft top for Trade Show  2014 in Bad Kissingen, together with the Auer Group Stockach “styled” and rebuilt. It has been spared no expense or effort. With the brand ENGAGE4X4 some new ideas for a multi-functional hood have been implemented, which can be converted at the same time as “Full Hood” and “Bikini Hood”. Currently, the prototype hood is still in the testing phase. (Hood has been canceld for prduction)

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Defender Corrosion Protection Cavity preservation Defender

Corrosion protection or cavity preservation is the best way to prevent damage caused by corrosion on metall components for Land Rover Defender Corrosion Protection. Such as vehicle frames, doors, trusses and other components. At the Land Rover Defender the corrosion attack can lead to an impairment of the stability on the body or the ladder frame and thus to the safety of the vehicle.

Your Land Rover Defender will rust more quickly, lose its value, and over time the damage to the load bearing parts of the vehicle will accumulate. To avoid this, you can protect your vehicle: Cavity Conservation Land Rover – Mike Sanders and Underbody Seal with Perma & Fluid Film! The Defender Corrosion Protection is neccessary to control it every 2 years.

Why cavity preservation?

Subsequent cavity sealing and underfloor protection are essential for a long Land Rover Defender life. Vehicles usually rust from the inside out. As a result, the grate is often noticed only when it is too late.

Consequences are then:

  • loss of value
  • Impairment of the stability of structural members
  • Impairment of the safety of your Land Rover

Which Cavity Protection?

There are several ways to protect your vehicle from corrosion. But the experience has taught, and the skilled workers agree that only the Mike Sanders cavity preservation and are the Permafilm underbody protection have proven.

Particularly in the case of under-floor protection, it is important that it can be seen whether the vehicle starts to rust. The classic tar-based floor protection is overhauled. The rust, which is under the protection of the tar, is not visible and spreads further.

A second alternative is wax. This alternative is, however, not recommended, as wax, in contrast to grease, has the property of being more poorly adherent in angered areas. In addition, grease sucks in the rusted surfaces and keeps oxygen and moisture away from the body. If rusty sheet metal is only coated with wax, it would rust under the wax.

Wir empfehlen daher Mike Sanders Corrosion protection grease .

Mike Sanders corrosion protection grease without plasticizer is the unbeatable long-term cavity protection on the market. Due to the permanent creep effect of the fat, it is able to penetrate and protect in cracks and crevices. The fat is heated for a long time to 120 ° C, sprayed with compressed air through a long cavity nozzle and then immediately cools on the metal. We offer the highest standard of cavity preservation through the exact adherence and the correct procedure. A good cavity seal is set right there. It seals the cavities in such a way that neither rinsed water nor salt can reach the metal and can cause its disaster in combination with oxygen. Contaminated cavities and daily temperature fluctuations in our latitudes usually cause condensation on the Land Rover Defender, which leads to a humid permanent climate and causes

Warum Mike Sanders Korrosionsschutz?

The quality of cavity preservation plays an important role. If you have decided to preserve your Land Rover off-road vehicle, this should be done under certain conditions. It is important not only to use the correct and high-quality anti-corrosive grease, but also to make the application conscientious and thorough. With a professionally performed Mike Sanders corrosion protection and perma film Underbody protection The rust can no longer affect your Land Rover.

Especially with the Defender, which is no longer manufactured in the near future, one must attach importance that the body is maintained and protected. The Land Rover Defender will not regret you!

Why a cavity preservation can be carried out in the workshop?

Prior to the cavity preservation, we first determine the condition of your Land Rover vehicle and especially the cavities and the underbody protection. Thanks to our many years of experience and our conscientious execution of cavity preservation, your Land Rover Defender is permanently protected against corrosion.

Safety Devices roll cage with TUV approval

Defender suspension – what is important?

Suspensions are available on the market in all price ranges and in every quality. First, you should be clear about the field of your Land Rover Defender. How do you use your car? Do you use it often for long distance travel, off-road Trophy, Rally Raid, on streets and roads, mainly in the field, when working with a trailer or just for the trip to the ice cream shop? Do you have for example a living trunk, which is only occasionally mounted on the vehicle? First, you should carefully consider what requirements are placed on the suspension.
Then the question arises: How much can and want you invest?

Lift kit on the Land Rover Defender – Technical details of the suspension

The most complete suspension kit for the Land Rover Defender consist of 4 shocks and 4 springs. The customer enjoys to install the lift kit in his Defender and at the latest after the first test drive follows a rude awakening. This massive change in suspension geometry causes strong vibrations in the drive train, especially with the Defender from year 2007. During braking, the car pulls slightly to the right, the articulation of the front axle is also changing and the driving dynamics is changing significantly. Each lift kit, that raises your Defender more than 25 mm, requires a correction of the entire suspension geometry. These include the so-called trailing arm (push rods and tie rods) and the Panhard rod. The flexion angle of the propeller shaft also changes the wear of the universal joints and the bearing of the transfer case increases significantly.

Tested Defender suspension = more security – Suspensions for the Land Rover Defender with TUV parts certificate

Components from low-cost providers are gladly installed. Not all parts of it may be inferior, apart from the quality of the workmanship, but all suspension components are without TUV approval test. When obstruct of safety-related suspension components without TUV approval or general operating permit (ABE), the operating license of the user will void with immediate effect. For example: When it is found, in a traffic accident with a lifted Land Rover Defender, that changes have been made ​​to the suspension without TUV registration, liability insurance will reclaim the amount of damage from the vehicle owner. In an accident, with subsequent inability to work or even a fatality, this can mean the financial ruin.

What parts need to be tested in a Land Rover Defender suspension by TUV?

The following components of a Defender chassis as suspension springs, push rods, Panhard rod, tension and longer brake hoses may need to be supplied with a TUV parts certificate or type approval. All other parts, such as bumpers or bushes, need no certificate.

Whereon have I need to pay attention with a Defender lift – Here is a summary:

  • Complete suspension with all components – avoid evil surprises
  • Parts tested by the TUV – ensure the operating license for the vehicle 
  • Quality OEM manufacturers such as Eibach, Bilstein or Sachs – durability and consistent quality

What qualities do I want to achieve with my new Defender suspension?

Most customers would like to have all the advantages in one: Suspension Lift Kits, comfort, sporty on the road, more entanglement, no change in height in payload, etc. Unfortunately, this is technically very difficult to implement due to physical reasons or only with sophisticated shock absorber technology and air spring support feasible. Therefore, you should decide for one of the following options:

  • comfortable, plenty of entanglement, less payload
  • athletic and toned in the on-road mode
  • less comfortable and tight, but with a lot of possible payload

However, other solutions and opposing chassis characteristics are also possible, but with more sophisticated shock absorbers (adjustable), air springs, auxiliary springs or so-called inconstant or progressive springs.