Overlanding with the Land Rover Defender has become a very popular individual travel type of the German, many convert their Land Rover Defender for expeditions or long-distance trips. Travel to the most remote areas across Europe, Africa, or even South America is not uncommon. Spare parts for on the go is therefore an important topic on off-road trips.

Why adapted tire pressure to the local circumstances? An adapted tire pressure has many advantages both on the road and off road . The tire pressure in the area should be kept as low as possible, here also applies the rule: The larger the tire (much volume of air), the lower you can reduce the […]

Bei Wasserdurchfahrten mit dem Geländewagen ist größte Vorsicht geboten. Nicht selten kommt es zu Schäden die mehrere tausend Euro kosten.

First Aid Offroad traveling

During an expediton is a doctor or the next hospital normally far away. Aside of civilisation a moderate injury increasingly becomes a major problem. Therefore you should be up-to-date with your first-aid knowledge and prepared to help yourself or others in remote areas.
It is is especially sceptical  out of the way like in the Tundra, in deserts and higher mountain areas.
Plan your trip well and pay more attention to the subject First Aid Offroad traveling.

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